We’ve all been there: you have a crucial piece of work to finish, and the deadline is fast approaching. Then, a shock: you take a look at your battery and realize it’s about to die with no charger in sight. The bad news is that you might be out of luck this time, but with preparation, you can prevent this from happening again.

Below, we’ll discuss various methods of charging your laptop when you can’t access your usual charger. It’s important to note that they all require spending some money, usually in advance of the problem occurring, however.

Solution 1 – Run to the Store

If you have a supermarket or tech store nearby, you can rush over and pick up a universal charger for your laptop. This ensures you’ll have a spare that you can take with you whenever you leave your home or office. However, these don’t come cheap and you can expect to pay at least $40.

how to charge a laptop battery without a charger

If time isn’t of the essence, you may be able to find better deals online. If you choose this method, we’d advise checking to see if your laptop is supported since sometimes online retailers play fast and loose with the definition of “universal”. This is particularly important if you have an older laptop since they often use different batteries and charging ports.

Solution 2 – Buy a Laptop Powerbank

You know what a power bank is, right? It’s an external battery that you can connect to your phone or tablet. Well, recently, companies have begun manufacturing power banks that can sustain laptops for short periods of time. The downside is that these are usually pretty expensive, so they’re only really worth it if you work away from the office a lot.

how to charge laptop without charger

There’s an easy way to tell if a power bank will keep your laptop running. If it outputs 5V, it’s designed for mobile devices. If it outputs anything higher, say 12V, it’ll probably work, at least for a little while. Check the specifications of your usual charger and see if you can find a product that matches up.

Solution 3 – Buy Spare Batteries

Okay so technically, this is a workaround. If you have multiple laptop batteries, you can switch these in and out as required. Note that your laptop will power off during the switch, so save all your documents first.

You should also note that laptop batteries aren’t “one size fits all”. You’ll need to pick up the right battery for your specific laptop. Try searching online for the official store of your laptop manufacturer – they usually have replacement parts available, although you can expect to pay a little more.


When your laptop battery is running low, it can seem like a major problem. However, by preparing for this problem ahead of time, you can actually avoid it entirely. Why not create a laptop travel bag with spare batteries (and of course, your charger) so that this never happens again?

Now you know the possible ways to charge your laptop. Buy your laptop a cooling pad, this could avoid your laptop heating up. We have a guide for the best laptop cooling pad for you to choose. Check it out, right here!

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