The Best Smartwatches Under 200 USD (2022 Reviews)

best smartwatch under 200 usd 2018

Purchasing your first smartwatch can literally be life-changing. It helps you to organize your life and keep track of a whole host of things that you might have trouble doing yourself. Yes, there are high-end smartwatches that you can purchase for $400+ but you don’t have to! We’ve already shown you the best smartwatches under … Read More

The Best Smartwatches Under 50 USD (2022 Reviews)

best smartwatch under 50 usd in 2018

It’s a common misconception that if you want to own a smartwatch, you’ll have to spend at least 200 USD with prices sometimes skyrocketing up to 1,000 dollars! That seems a little crazy to us. It seems reasonable to be able to purchase a smartwatch at a price that won’t bankrupt you. If you do a … Read More

The Best Apple Watch Screen Protectors (2022 Reviews)

best apple watch screen protector

If you have an Apple watch, then you probably want to do your best to protect it! We often protect our smartphones, but we need to take an extra level of precaution when it involves our watches. Think about it: We often scrape and ding our watches with the slightest of movements, and Apple watches … Read More