The Best Pop Filters (2022 Reviews)

best pop filters for 2018

Have you ever seen a video online or listened to a recording of someone speaking where their speech was punctuated with what sounds like a gunshot? Whilst there are a number of reasons as to why this might be happening, the most common is that they haven’t used a pop filter with their microphone and … Read More

The Best Robot Mops (2022 Reviews)

cheap automatic vacuum

You’ve probably heard of robot vacuums before, but have you heard of robot mops? These take the hassle out of keeping your hard floors clean! Think about it: no more buckets of dirty water, no more greying mop heads, no more elbow grease required! The problem is that there are a ton of these products … Read More

The Best Vinyl Cutters (2022 Reviews)

vinyl sticker cutter

Having a creative outlet is super important. It’s nice to be able to do something you actually enjoy that’s not going to work. If you’re the type of person who uses crafting as their creative outlet, then you’re probably very familiar with vinyl cutters. These simple but necessary tools really help bring some pretty cool … Read More

The Best Portable Projectors (2022 Reviews)

Best Portable Projector

Projectors are pretty awesome, right? After all, can you imagine how much a 100” TV would cost? The only challenge is that often, projectors are quite large. This prevents you from taking it on the road with you, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a display that can be projected anywhere you like. … Read More

The Best Walkie Talkies (2022 Reviews)

Best Walkie Talkie

There are a whole range of reasons to buy a walkie-talkie, even in the age of cell phones. Let’s say you like to go camping – there’s not always going to be good coverage out there in the woods. But aren’t walkie talkies pretty expensive? The good news is that there are actually some pretty … Read More

The Best Wireless Weather Stations (2022 Reviews)

best wireless weather stations for 2018

Checking the weather online is fine and all, but having a dedicated weather station? That’s a whole other level. Imagine – you wake up in the morning, glance over at it and immediately know everything you need to plan your day. Plus, they generally display much more detailed information than the weather reports do, so … Read More

The Best Printers Under 100 USD (2022 Reviews)

best printers under 100 usd for 2018

So the time has come where printing stuff off at your local library is no longer an option. Maybe you’re setting up a home office, or maybe you just want a cheaper alternative. Either way, you need a new printer and don’t want to break the bank getting a good one. That’s where we come … Read More

The Best Microphones for Podcasting (2022 Reviews)

best microphones for podcasting 2018

Maybe you haven’t created your own podcasts before, but no doubt you’ve probably listened to one. However, podcasts aren’t just for radio shows or news outlets. Podcasting is rapidly transforming into one of the most popular marketing tactics in just about every industry you could imagine. Why? Well, would you rather absorb content by reading … Read More

The Best Mini Projectors (2022 Reviews)

best mini projectors for 2018

Have you ever tried to carry a 150-inch HDTV around with you? It’s heavy. Very heavy. Plus, you need to pack loads of cables, then you have to find a place to set it up. And actually, that’s a very silly idea. But a mini projector isn’t. With a mini projector, you can transform isolating … Read More

The Best Graphing Calculators (2022 Reviews)

best graphing calculators for 2018

If your job involves lots of mathematics, or if you’re considering enrolling in a math-based course at school or university, the first thing you need is a calculator. Simply put, the one on your phone just isn’t going to cut it, plus you won’t be allowed to take that into exams with you. Instead, you’ll … Read More

The Best Multimeters (2022 Reviews)

best multimeter for 2018

In our modern age, there is literally invisible magic running through almost everything. Electricity can transform our lives, as well as ruin or end them. So, it’s pretty important to know what it’s up to. Testing electronics, checking circuits, measuring voltages, and testing batteries are all things we can do ourselves in seconds. Or maybe … Read More

The Best Waterproof Drones (2022 Reviews)

best waterproof drone for 2018

Are you looking for the perfect waterproof drone? Are you struggling to find one that has great features but is also waterproof or splash proof? If so then you have come to the right place. We have carried out extensive research in order to find the best waterproof drone on the market today. We had … Read More

The Best MIDI Keyboards (2022 Reviews)

best midiI keyboards for 2018

When it comes to music production, there are few instruments that can be as useful as a decent MIDI keyboard. These devices can be the basis of an album, entire studios can be built around them, and they have such versatility when it comes to providing the sounds for music. They can imitate almost every … Read More

The Best Battery Testers (2022 Reviews)

best battery testers for 2018

Picture this: you’re having dinner and the lights go out. It’s a power cut, but you’re ready. You go get a flashlight, flick the switch and… nothing. The batteries are dead. Now you’re stuck trying to eat spaghetti in the dark and to make things even worse, you’re wearing a white shirt. This all could … Read More

The Best Scientific Calculators (2022 Reviews)

best scientific calculators for 2018

Whether you’re heading to high school or have a job which requires you to do advanced mathematical calculations, a scientific calculator will make your life a lot easier. To help you out, we’ve done all of the research and legwork for you. In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the best scientific calculators on … Read More

The Best YouTube Lighting Kits (2022 Reviews)

best youtube lighting kits for 2018

Be as rich as the most popular YouTuber’s are by doing ONE thing. Every proper YouTuber has the best YouTube lighting kit they can afford. At the start, that means buying a very cheap YouTube lighting kit. But, if you have the budget for the best YouTube lighting kit on the market for you then … Read More

The Best Cordless Phones (2022 Reviews)

best cordless phones for 2018

Do you remember when you were younger and your friends called you up? Back then, only executives had mobile phones, and you had to drag the phone as far away from the wall as you could to keep your parents from listening in. Nowadays things have changed – with a cordless landline you can walk … Read More