It’s a tricky situation: you have to tell someone something, but you really don’t want to speak to them. Maybe you guys had an argument, or maybe you just love being passive aggressive. Either way, we have some good news – you can actually leave someone a voicemail without their phone ringing once.

Method 1 – Call From Your Voicemail Inbox

how to make phone call straight to voicemail

If you and your target are with the same cell phone provider, there’s a neat little trick you can use. Simply call up your own mailbox, enter your login code, and see if there’s an option to leave a voicemail for somebody else.

You’ll need to have their number handy, whether it’s in your contacts list or written down somewhere. Once you’ve entered this, just leave your message as normal.

Method 2 – Using Slydial

Slydial is a service that allows you to leave messages on someone’s voicemail, even if you aren’t on the same network as they are. You’ll still be billed for the call by your provider, but the service itself doesn’t add on any extra charges.

Start by calling 267-759-3425. You’ll hear a brief advertisement, after which you’ll be prompted to enter the number of the user you’d like to message. Once you hear the tone, leave your message.

Method 3 – Use a Mobile App

how to send calls to voicemail

There are all kinds of apps available that allow you call someone directly to their voicemail. Generally, these all work the same way: download and install the app, find the right number in your contacts list, and let the app do the rest.

However, it’s important to make sure the app you install is legitimate. Before downloading one, check out the comments and overall rating on your app store. If it’s less than three stars or has less than 500 reviews, you might be better off avoiding it and finding a suitable replacement.

How Can I Send Incoming Calls to Voicemail?

call goes straight to voicemail without ringing

Perhaps you’re on the other end of the situation. What can you do to send all calls to voicemail? Well, the answer is actually very simple: just turn on airplane mode. This prevents your phone from ringing and automatically redirects the caller.

Let’s say you only want to route calls from a specific person, though. This one has a few more steps. First, find them in your address book and click the three dots to open the menu. Select the contact and open their menu. Finally, select Route to voicemail. That’s it!

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Calling straight to voicemail is something most people don’t even know is possible. However, if you’ve read this piece, you know exactly how to avoid those awkward conversations in future. Best of all, we’ve provided you with several ways to do it, so you’re covered no matter what!

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