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How To Activate Your Sprint Phone

So you’ve picked out a new cell phone. That’s the easy part. However, before you can actually begin using it, it has to be activated. Luckily, this is pretty straightforward, and there are a couple of different ways to go about it.

Method 1 – Activate Your Phone Online

First of all, make sure your phone is fully charged. Next, bring up the number pad and type “*#06#”, without the quotation marks. A number will appear – this is your IMEI number. It’s your phone’s unique ID, and you’ll need it to identify your handset if it’s stolen. If it makes you feel better, feel free to write it down somewhere.

When you’re ready, sign into the Sprint website. You’ll see a big yellow button that says “Activate”. Click it, and your new handset will become registered on your account. That’s it! The system will take care of the rest for you!

Method 2 – Activate Over the Phone

The second, and some would argue, the easier option is to call up Sprint directly and ask them to help you activate your new device. Before you make the call, though, make a note of your IMEI number, as well as any other numbers you can find on your phone. Make sure to check underneath the battery, if it’s removable.

Now, before you can talk to a customer service representative, you’ll have to make your way through the automated menus. If you’re having trouble finding the right option, try speaking into the receiver. This can sometimes trigger an automated redirection to a human who can help out.

Once connected, explain your situation to the person on the phone. They’ll take care of everything on their end and will likely ask you to turn on your phone during the call. This is just so that they can help you out if anything has gone unexpectedly wrong. Failing this, though, your new phone should be ready to use.

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Activating your phone doesn’t have to be a nuisance! Sure, it takes a minute or two, and you might have to call Sprint. Once you’re done, though, you’re covered until you decide to replace it. A new, fully functional phone in exchange for a couple of minutes of your time? Sounds good to us!

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