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You’ve probably heard of Realtek – There’s a good chance this company made your computer’s sound card or WiFi adaptor. However, seeing an application you don’t remember installing when you look through the programs list is always a little worrying: just what is Realtek Card Reader software, and do you even need it?

Card Readers

Basically, this software is designed to allow Realtek-branded card readers to function. What’s a card reader? That’s easy: it’s any piece of hardware that can read data from an SD card. In a way, your cell phone is a card reader. You may also notice that your laptop has a card slot, like in the image below.

what is realtek card reader

Most commonly, though, you’ll see small, USB-powered card readers. These are usually made to accept either standard SD or MicroSD cards, although more expensive models might be able to handle both.

Why Use a Card Reader?

From a technical point of view, there’s really no advantage to using a card reader instead of a USB thumb drive. That said, some devices only accept SD card inputs and in those situations, a USB stick just won’t do. There’s also the smaller form factor: you can transfer gigabytes of data to a MicroSD card, and these are tiny enough to fit into your wallet’s change pocket. Just be sure not to lose it!

Do I Need the Card Reader Software?

realtek card reader do i need it

If you own a Realtek card reader, you need the software. Otherwise, you might not be able to transfer any data to or from your SD card. If you’ve just bought a new laptop or PC, though, and the card reader application is already installed, feel free to delete it. It can always be reinstalled later if needed.

Now you know what is Realtek card reader software, maybe it’s time for you to know what does a circuit board do? Take time our guide, right here!

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